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No nível 2 você vai aprender mais vocabulários usados no dia a dia. Uma das características mais presentes na língua inglesa é o uso de expressões idiomáticas, que são palavras que juntas, formam um outro significado e por isso não podem ser interpretadas isoladamente.

Por isso, prepare o seu caderno pois nesse nível vamos aprofundar mais os nossos conhecimentos para nos expressarmos melhor! Let’s go.

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by Michelle Cane October 8, 2019

amando cada vez mais

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by Dartagan Luedy June 20, 2020

After start the classes I saw many things I used to speak were spoken by me in a wrong way. Sure I’m so far from the target I want to goal, but every day is a new day for learn.

Also, the classes are so useful to those ones who wants to improve listening skills, connecting the words you hear from a native speaker. Even to speak, learn these connections are so useful to sounds more natural while speaking.

As my last reviews, I’m sure I speak in the name of many people when I say this is an amazing way to learn English!
Thank you Sendi to have brought to us this wonder experience.

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by JulieD May 13, 2020


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by Dina Marques June 27, 2020

Thank you so much I had enjoy every lesson

by Kleyton Souza June 21, 2020

thank you very much teacher Sandy

by January 11, 2020

Thanks for all, you can bring us more class, we’re ready, have a fun, see you Monday.